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Coordinates: 38°58'49.3"N 8°26'40.9"E

Coequaddus is a bay located SE of Sant Antioco, in the Palmas gulf.It is sheltered of W and NW winds.  Anchor in 5 m, E of the beach.


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Coordinates: 39°20'04.0"N 8°24'23.1"E

Porto Flavia is an abandoned mine site since recent decades.
Minerals came from Masua, long galleries allowed to carry in the rocky walls and ended directly in the holds of merchant ships moored under the rock wall. Porto Flavia was used for the shipping of minerals. Mining ceased permanently in 1991, however, the installation will remain active until the end of 1997. Porto Flavia is an ingenious structure that has revolutionized the system of boarding minerals. A receiving conveyor receiving minerals from underground deposits to transfer, with its ingenious movable arm, directly into the hold of the transport ships at anchor, on buoys by 9 m deep.
You can anchor in 9 m, close to the loading facility or moor to the numerous mooring buoys in the proximity. It is sheltered from N wind.​

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Coordinates: 39°51'10.2"N 8°25'44.6"E

San Marco cape, limits Oristano Gulf to the N. It is a small peninsula connected to the mainland by a sandy isthmus. It has a lighthouse, 16m high tower, with two terraces on one particular yellow floor. S and N of the Isthmus, towers Vecchia and S. Giovanni are round and white. The second is surmounted by two turrets.

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Coordinates: 39°07'04.1"N 8°15'17.3"E

Spalmatore Grande Baia is between Spalmatore di Fuori Point and Dei Cannoni Point. In the bay, at Starboard on entering, is a small cove called Caletta.

Anchor in 3 to 10 m.

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Coordinates: 39°05'55.3"N 8°16'16.1"E

Mezzaluna gulf is between Grossa point and Buemarino point, W of Genia. This beautiful gulf is surrounded by red rocks 30/35 m high. In the fissures of the rocks we can see the entrance of the caves.

You can anchor in 12 to 14 m in the middle of the bay.

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Coordinates: 39°06'02.0"N 8°18'13.8"E

This small cove is S Punta Nera. It is divided into two parts by a strip of dark rocks. Anchorage sheltered drom N and SW winds, by 8 m.

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Coordinates: 39°12'23.5"N 8°22'25.4"E

It is a small bay delimited by two rocks, one of wich has the Portoscuso tower. Beware at rocks that surrounded the N rocky tip. Well protected from the Mistral.

Anchor to 5/7 m, by good weather.

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Coordinates: 39°22'32.3"N 8°22'40.8"E

Behind Rama tip is  a small deep bay which ends with a sandy beach. It is very picturesque and protected from S winds, but dangerously exposed to the Mistral.

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Coordinates: 39°26'15.1"N 8°24'16.1"E

By fine weather, you can anchor, by 6 m,  in front of Portixeddu beach, separated from the beach of San Nicolo of Buggeru by the river Mannu mouth.

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Coordinates: 39°40'04.2"N 8°27'14.1"E

In the last century, Porto Palma (Flomentorgiu) or Tonnara Flumentorgiu was a fishing village fished and work tuna, hence its name. This activity was then abandoned because it had become unproductive.
This is a small cove, very open, to the entrance of which there are many dangers.
On the shore, we see the chimney of a canning factory.

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Coordinates: 39°54'18.0"N 8°30'21.5"E

Correct anchorage in  front of the beach (3/6 m), but very noisy, nightclub on the beach, move away a little and not worry.

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Coordinates: 39°52'44.1"N 8°26'37.0"E

The Phoenicians settled in Tharros to 800 BC,  then  came the turn of the Carthaginians in 500 BC.
Port Tharros became a place of passage and a strong center of commercial activity. Its privileged position within the Sinis peninsula, protected from the mistral, the fertility of the land and its mineral wealth were at the origin of its strong growth.
City Tharros was finally abandoned when moving structures Oristano.
There are important archaeological remains dating from the second century BC. on the Sinis peninsula that closes the Gulf of Oristano.
You can anchor opposite the ruins by 11 m of water, 0.5 NM Tower San Giovanni dal Sinis.


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Coordinates: 39°59'05.8"N 8°18'13.9"E

You can anchor in the samll cove, to 250 m from the shore, by 5 m, SE of the island. Sheltered from NW winds. Do not try to get closer because it is strewn with rocks, not even tighten the northern tip which is dangerous. Be careful if you landwith tender, the island is the domain of birds, gulls are very aggressive!

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Coordinates: 40°17'12.8"N 8°28'36.0"E

The commercial harbor consists of a pier linked to Isola Rossa. The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway.
It is accessible in good weather, by boats with 2.5 m draugh. It is more an anchorage than a port.
120 b. (<50 m)

Depth: from 1,5 to 7 m.