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Marina di Ottiolu fuel dock 

Coordinates: 40°44'22.9"N 9°42'39.8"E

pick-up point next to Marina Office

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Marina di Puntaldia (internal part) 

Coordinates:40°49'01.4"N 9°41'10.9"E

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Hotel Don Diego private dock (Costa Dorata) 

Coordinates: 40°52'07.1"N 9°39'11.0"E

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Porto San Paolo - molo Finanza (dock terminal for ferries to Tavolara Island) 

Coordinates: 40°52'50.0"N 9°38'12.8"E

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Marina di Costa Corallina 

Coordinates: 40°52'55.1"N 9°37'32.9"E

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Olbia Marina di Olbia fuel dock

Coordinates: 40°54'58.1"N 9°31'25.5"E

Pick-up point in front of the entrance of Marina di Olbia office

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Olbia Yacht Club - Molo Brin, close to the city centre

Coordinates: 40°55'24.6"N 9°30'25.8"E

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Baia Caddinas (behind the marina) 

Coordinates: 40°59'49.5"N 9°36'12.7"E

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Golfo Aranci promenade

Coordinates: 40°59'57.4"N 9°37'19.6"E


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