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Coordinates: 41°12'41.3"N 9°24'19.1"E

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Coordinates: 41° 10' 41.686" N     9° 23' 7.411" E 

Close to the Marina Office

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Coordinates: 41° 11' 49.715" N     9° 21' 57.733" E 

The mooring operators will help to find a space for a momentary dock, better to call in advance the marina on VHF 9-16 to ask permission. Vehicles (taxi or our NA vehicles) can reach the central cement dock)

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Coordinates: 41° 11' 18.996" N     9° 19' 39.842" E 

Upon authorization c/o Hotel le Dune through NA, it is possible to dock with the tender. Vehicles can come very close to the pontoon and in case of taxi the guests will need to walk about 40 meters (only 20m on the beach). Deliveries can be done there as well.

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Coordinates: 41° 14' 14.172" N     9° 11' 38.436" E 

Upon authorization of the Marina’s office, roughly between 11hrs and 16hrs,  it is possible to dock temporarily the tender on the right side of the port, after the area dedicated to the ferry, directly front of the way out of the port.


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