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Porto Pino - Sant'Anna Arresi 

Coordinates: 38°57'40.8"N 8°35'42.8"E

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Perd'e sali 39.030919,9.034403

Coordinates: 39°01'51.3"N 9°02'03.9"E

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Marina di Teulada 

Coordinates: 38°55'35.1"N 8°43'01.6"E

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Cala Verde - internal dock in front of Marina offices 

Coordinates: 38°56'12.4"N 8°56'24.4"E

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Marina Portus Karalis - external floating dock 

Coordinates: 39°12'45.5"N 9°06'37.5"E

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Marina Piccola 

Coordinates: 39°11'32.9"N 9°09'42.5"E

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Marina Di Capitana - corner next to the barrier 

Coordinates: 39°12'26.5"N 9°18'09.5"E

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Villasimius port - Marina office 

Coordinates: 39°07'01.6"N 9°30'22.4"E


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