Ports and Marinas

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Coordinates: 40°54'49.3"N 8°42'04.4"E

VHF: 16

Berths: 800

Max Loa: 30 m

Max Draught: 4,5 m.

Services: Water, Electricity, Fuel.


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Cormorano Srl

Coordinates: 40°50'38.5"N 8°23'46.7"E

VHF: 16

Berths: 400

Max Loa: 40 m

Max Draught: 5 m.

Services: Water, Electricity, Fuel


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Coordinates: 40°35'33.4"N 8°17'15.8"E

VHF: 16

Berths: 120

Max Loa: 30 m

Max Draught: 3.50 m.

Services: Water, Electricity, Fuel, WiFi.


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Coordinates: 40°33'43.5"N 8°18'31.3"E

VHF: 9

Berths: 100

Max Loa: 60 m

Max Draught : 4.8 m

Services: Electricity, Water, Fuel, WiFi


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Coordinates: 40°56'13.0"N 8°13'53.5"E

VHF: 9


Max Loa: 40m

Max Draught: 12 m

Services: Electricity, Water, WiFi.



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